How to use the Observatory

Explore reports, academic insights & up-to-the-minute regional data.
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State of the Region
See the latest State of the Region report for the main takeaways and top-level stats in each of the priority areas

Check the headline stats on each dashboard

Each Area of Focus page has links to relevant dashboards. This is live data from the Midlands Engine Observatory so it’s always the latest data available, often in the context of national averages and benchmarks.

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List of Dashboards & Data Dictionary

A downloadable guide to all Observatory data held in our dashboards, with clickable links giving you shortcuts from your desktop.

Searching for more detailed information?
  • Read the one-page Insight pieces on each Area of Focus page – these are written by the region’s leading academics, provided by our Research Partnership, detailing how the data available across the Hub affects policy, business, and decisions made by partners across the Midlands Engine
  • Delve deeper into the data dashboards using the drop-down menus and experiment with different filters
  • Interactive mapping – specifically designed to show multiple data layers spatially enabling both visualisation and query functionality of the datasets and in context of other thematic layers. (click on the ‘About’ icon in each map for information relevant to the mapping layers and how to use functions available).
  • Download deep-dive research reports – listed under Latest Publications on each Area of Focus page.
  • Access the full Intelligence Hub User Guide for detailed instructions
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Useful information

Midlands Engine Intelligence Hub User Guide