Labour Market & Skills

Maintaining a qualified and sustainable labour market, and addressing the skills gap, is vital to boosting the Midlands Engine economy.
lb&s stats

Key statistics



jobs in 810,000 regional businesses



of working age population qualified to RQF Level 4+



no formal qualifications



students in 20 universities



apprenticeship starts

The Midlands economy generates £252.6 billion each year. It is home to approximately 11 million people who work in 4.6 million jobs at 810,000 regional businesses.

With the nature of skills and careers changing fast, there are many opportunities to better understand the needs of businesses and proactively get ahead of coming changes to support an appropriately skilled workforce.

Skills help economies make the most of new opportunities in high value-added activities, they encourage greater investment and innovation, they help businesses compete in export markets and ultimately, they support economic growth and enhance productivity.

Our universities, translational research centres, further education colleges and other specialist providers are committed to driving the skills and innovation ambitions of the region.

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